Bamboo Ceiling in the Workplace

Three barriers that keep Asian Americans from the C-suite

Photo by Alyssa Ledesma on Unsplash

Excessive focus on assertiveness disadvantages Asians

Based on the research from MIT Sloan and the National Academy of Sciences, the inequality is explained by an American focus on assertiveness.

Looking younger minimizes chances for top jobs

Another barrier Asians face is that we often look younger than we are, a phenomenon implied by the cliche “Asians don’t raisin” and extended to Black and Latinx communities suggested by “Black don’t crack” and “Brown don’t frown.” The scientific reason behind darker skin showing age more slowly is because it has more melanin (the dark pigment that determines sun sensitivity), wielding more protection against skin damage from the sun.

Bias about accents rooted in our European-centric reference system

The third common theme is the topic of accents. Asians are unique in that “around six-in-ten Asian Americans (57%), including 71% of Asian American adults, were born in another country. By comparison, 14% of all Americans — and 17% of adults — were born elsewhere,” as stated in this Pew Research Center article.

Google executive, startup board director, and investor. Words in The Bold Italic | P.S. I Love You | Better Marketing | Motherwell.

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